Fall Membership Special - Prestwick Country Club

Fall Membership Special

membership at Prestwick country club is the perfect complement to your family's lifestyle

This fall, Prestwick is offering a special on all 2018 memberships. You and your family can utilize the clubs facilities/amenities for the remainder of the 2017 season for a small percentage down on your 2018 membership. Regular member charges still apply (food, beverage, events, cart fees, etc.).  With nearly a quarter left of the year, you have plenty of time to hit the greens, enjoy family and adult events, dine with us for lunch, brunch, dinner, and your favorite holidays, and much more.
Just because summer is almost over, doesn't mean the fun has to be too.

What you get:

Full/Senior/Associate Membership:
Golf  -  Range Membership  -  Dining  -  Pool  -  Activities  -  Events  -  Children's Sports/Activities 

Social Plus:
Limited Golf Play  -  Range Membership  -  Dining  -  Pool  -  Activities  -  Events  -  Children's Sports/Activities 

Limited Golf Play  -  Dining  -  Pool  -  Activities  -  Events  -  Children's Sports/Activities 

Golf  -  Range Membership  -  Dining  -  Pool  -  Activities  -  Events  -  Children's Sports/Activities 

Dining  -   Activities  -  Events  -  Children's Sports/Activities 

For information on membership, please contact your friends, co-workers or acquaintances who are members of the Club; or if you are new to the area, call our
Membership Director
Danielle Shulman at (815) 469 - 5550 x 250 / email Danielle at dshulman@prestwickcc.com.